Welcome to my website!

Established in 2015, Marlee and Me Creations has provided many lovely folk with quality handmade products ranging from soy candles with essential oils, suncatchers, jewellery, macramé hangers, Kokedama’s and Resin Art.

Now based in Exmouth, Western Australia – my inspiration has been restored. Focusing primarily on resin art and the colours of this beautiful part of the world.


Kylie x

Resin Art

This started as just wanting a piece for my home. But like all things I do, I became hooked!

Each resin piece is unique and has a story. I’m inspired by the stunning colours of Exmouth and it’s surrounding coastline.

My range of resin work now includes serving boards, condiment bowls, clam soap dishes, jewellery dishes, jewellery & mini planters.


Pronounced Co-co-da-ma.

These little beauties are Japanese for moss ball and in ancient times were referred as a poor man’s Bonsai………….. that is, until the Western World got it’s little hands on them – wrapped them to within an inch of their life and called them plant décor.

Self taught almost five years ago, my Kokedama’s are made using quality soil, peet moss and a clay/sand mix, followed by sphagnum moss and then last but not least – double twine.

Kokedama’s are super easy to maintain. Simply pop your Kokedama into a bowl/sink/bucket – I prefer temperate water – fill half way to your ball and allow to soak for a good 15 minutes. Squeeze excess water and pop onto your supplied coaster.


Handmade Jewellery. Nothing better. Here you can choose your style.

Resin or gemstones


Driftwood and macrame hangers designed mainly for Kokedama, yet suitable for a pot of your choice.

I have specifically chosen hardier rope materials to reflect the ruggedness of our Northwest.