Welcome to my page.

I’m Kylie. I’m the Me in this name.

Six years into this little venture and times have certainly changed.

But lets go back a bit. What’s behind the name? How did I come up with it?

Well. My daughter, Marlee, was two at the time and I was struggling. With being an older parent. With the recent news I couldn’t have anymore children. With the news the drug I was on to keep my MS at bay had now placed me into the dangerously high category of developing a brain disease known as PML. And despite all the things I had achieved in my life, I’d felt like the slate had been wiped clean and I was “just a Mum”.

So I started making things for Marlee’s fairy garden. She was and still is fairy mad, unicorn mad, mermaid mad…….. you get the picture. I made suncatchers out of old coat hangers I’d bent into hearts. It took just one positive comment of a pic I’d happened to post on my personal Facebook page and that was it. A Pandora’s box had opened – filled with ideas. So from July 2015, Marlee and Me Creations was born.

Completely self taught – my handmade journey has included Suncatchers, Candles, Kokedama’s, Jewellery, Macramé and Resin Art. I have developed a beautiful and loyal following who have watched me grow and develop as an Artisan.

In January 2020 we moved permanently to Exmouth, Western Australia after many years of holidaying here and a three month caravan experience in 2019. I took in all the colours and beauty of my surroundings and used it as my inspiration in my resin art. I usually link my inspiration to an experience and capture a photo of that moment to allow people to relate to my work.

At the beginning of last year I made the decision to concentrate selling my work in just one place. I’m not interested in selling in as many places as possible – I wanted the quality to remain in my pieces – thus I jumped at the chance to stock my work at Ningaloo Inspired Gallery here in Exmouth. You will also see me working in the gallery from time to time which allows me to still be in contact with customers.

Thank you for supporting my creative journey.

Kylie x

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