Welcome to my page.

I’m Kylie. I’m the Me in this name.

Four years into this little venture of mine and times are a changing.

But lets go back a bit. What’s behind the name? How did I come up with it?

Well. My daughter, Marlee, was two at the time and I was struggling. With being an older parent. With the recent news I couldn’t have anymore children. With the news the drug I was on to keep my MS at bay had now placed me into the dangerously high category of developing a brain disease known as PML. And despite all the things I had achieved in my life, I’d felt like the slate had been wiped clean and I was “just a Mum”.

So I started making things for Marlee’s fairy garden. She was and still is Fairy mad, unicorn mad, Frozen mad (eh, not so much now – she’s let it go), Mermaid mad…….. you get the picture. I made suncatchers out of old coat hangers I’d bent into hearts. It took just one positive comment of a pic I’d happened to post on my personal Facebook page and that was it. A Pandora’s box had opened – filled with ideas. So from July 2015, Marlee and Me Creations was born.

Completely self taught – my handmade journey has included Suncatchers, Candles, Kokedama’s, Jewellery, Macramé and Resin Art. I have developed a beautiful and loyal following who have watched me grow and develop as an Artisan.

But as I’ve said, times are a changing. Teaching my crafts is now where I’m at. I’ve lost the love of markets for the time being.

In a few months, my family and I will be moving to the majestic town of Exmouth, WA. I have heaps of workshop ideas ready to explore and develop.

So please, hold in tight. Watch this space.

And always know everything I do is – Handmade with love.

Kylie x